Chapter 1

(Rena's POV)

Today was like any typical day. Each day passed by without anything big happening and
the town was always peaceful. But because of that, there is nothing to look forward on this island. So each day I train each day to become the greatest Explorer ever. After all, if I didn't strive for that goal, I would be breaking a promise that I made with that person.

A sudden 'thud' hit the ground. I knew it wasn't the familiar sound of adults working or children playing on the fields. I stood up and ran quickly toward the site. What I saw was a stranger laying on the ground. I slowly walked up to her, wondering about her identity. She was a small girl, no older than ten. But for some reason, I felt like I met this girl before. I carried her all the way to my house, not knowing that this person will lead me to despair.

(???'s POV)

Who am I? That is the first question that I asked myself when I woke up. My body was numb all over and I am at an unfamiliar house. I looked outside a nearby window and saw a small neighborhood. The word "peace" fit the town perfectly. Men chopping wood, women washing dishes, and children playing hopscotch. Not one person seemed hostile with each other the place looked like an utopia. I hated it. Rage brewed inside of me as I watch them, so I ended up turning away in disgust. One look at this place and I already hate it.

Later, a teenage girl came in with a tray of light snacks and water. With small, but kind voice, she said, "Are you okay?" as she lays the tray on the nightstand. Like the people outside, she kept a blinding smile on her face. However, there was something about her that makes her different than others. Her face doesn't make me want to throw up on sight or run away from like a hideous monster. However, I don't feel any joy from meeting this person either. Soon, she will break the silence, but it might of been better if she thrown over a cliff and left me to die.

(Rena's POV)

"What a strange kid," I thought to myself. Ever since I came into this room, she has been staring at me and the awkwardness between us grew. Despite that, this person is still a guest. So it  is only natural to introduce myself. Good manners isn't my forte, but it was worth a shot.

"Hello, how do you do?"


"My name is Rena, what is your name?" 


"Uhhh... hello?"

"... I don't know."


"I said I don't know my own name."

"...Then I'll give you one. I have to call you something."

Strangely, the girl looked at me with eyes of pity. I can't understand this girl at all and I started to question her own sanity. I assumed that I am just being paranoid and I wondered what I should name her. Her name should be simple enough for me to remember, but also good enough to satisfy the visitor. I don't want to keep her waiting, she was already creeping me out.

"Okay, from now on I will call you Ren," I said.


"Yeah, it's not very creative since it sounds similar to my own name, but it's good enough right?"

The girl nodded. I felt relieved that she would accept it, but that doesn't matter now. After that, I asked her where she came from. She doesn't remember anything, so I asked my parents if she can stay. They didn't mind and gladly accepted her to the family, despite her hostility. For the next two years, we lived together in harmony until we part ways for the sake of adventure.

The End

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