19/01/10, 00:12AM

TO: Rebekah

If you knew I was writing these, you might have been worried because of that gap in the dates. But don’t worry, I haven’t committed suicide. I’m not that crazy, yet, though it’s a close-run thing.

I don’t think it’s age that tells how old you are. I think it’s your thoughts. Perhaps your mind is more important than your body. If they put your brain in another body, you still think in the same way. So maybe if they put an eighty-year-old’s brain in a teenager’s body, we’d be able to see it for sure.  

I mean, if you asked them then how old they were, they would say eighty, wouldn’t they? Not fourteen, or fifteen, or thirteen, or however old the ‘host’ was. 

I think that some people are more than one age. Like, they might be forty and ten. Sometimes they’d be mature and sensible but other times they’d be just as immature, playful and loving as a ten-year-old child. Though I think one of those ‘ages’ would be more prominent. 

I think I was born old. What about you? You’re far too sensible ever to think like this, I guess, but perhaps, Bekah, it’s because really you’re middle-aged.

The End

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