10/01/10, 11:59PM

TO: Rebekah

I guess it’s a sign of how far gone I am that these e-mails are getting more and more frequent. Perhaps I should see a therapist, because I sure as hell am going pretty darn crazy. I’ve always said you were the person that kept me sane, but I don’t think you can help when it’s inside that the problem is, not outside.

I should be grateful that I’ve got you. I am grateful, but you could never understand. You’ll never get just what it is I’m going through. I guess I should be glad of that, because I wouldn’t want to put anyone through this.

If I ever send this I’ll be sure to ready and waiting when the men in white coats come the next day. I know I’m crazy, Bekah. Bear with me, because it’s only with your help that I function properly at all.

The End

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