in the dark alleyway there was a young girl called Tina, as she was walking through the alleyway trying to get to her  boy friend a strange man was waiting at the end for her. She looked up and saw him looking at her so she turned the corner she came to a dead end so she had to go passed the strange man, so she put a coat on to try and and make him not notice her as she walked pass he didn't seem to notice her just looking for the young girl he came up to her saying " Have you seen the young girl who came in the ally i have to tell her some thing very important " she shook her head when she walked on she turned around and said " i know the girl you are looking for, what did you need to tell her ? " the man said " can you keep a secret" she looked both ways "yes?" he said " the girl Tina is my daughter and her new dad is going to kill her " she cried. she ran to the bridge hoping her boy friend was there. she couldn't see much because of the fog but as she saw a figure she ran and she saw Ryan and Ryan saw her, she ran to him crying, she ran into his arms while he was holding her, she said " my step dad wants to kill me i saw my real farther in the alleyway " Ryan said "nothing will come to hurt you, i will protect you " she kissed him on his soft lips Ryan saw a another  figure in the mist Tina turned around but when she got to her shoulder all you could her was a click of a gun. she screamed but Ryan was screaming "hold on babe every thing is going to be okay, what do you want with her of god sake." her father said " i had a child just like her same age, hair color, eyes but some one took her away from me she got KILLED! so i am going to do the same to make sure i never want to see a girl like her ever again " as he was saying all of this ryan called 999 while her father was telling him the police was hearing the conversation when he finished talking Ryan hanged up after 5 minutes the police came but as for the father couldn't see a police woman grabbed his arms and locked him up. Ryan was holding her and the police woman came up to her saying is this the guy who called it in she said " i don't know, did you." Ryan said " i didn't want him to hurt you so i made the call while he was telling me the story and well its right in front of you babe, i just couldn't let him hurt you " she turned to him she held his face got rid of his tears and KISSED him while holding each other. and they lived with each other till it was there time to go. 

The End

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