"Anger," her face says.

Walking to school in the dark morning is peaceful to me. So much air to breathe and less choas to face. Most kids think it's scary to walk this time, but I think it's the only time for peace and understanding.

The trees are my friends, the sky is my unlimitations to imagination. I spread my arms out and believe I'm in a place where thousands of birds sing and many trees sway to the harmony. I imagine that I'm in the sunshine and I'm in the middle of it all and until i go home I refuse to be anything else but happy.

I arrived at school feeling so happy and excited. The teachers look at me like I'm a rare child every happy to wake up so early in the morning. "Good morning, Sarah," they all say to me. I feel like sunshine passing through everyone.

Then, I see a younger girl walking in the hallway. Her face is red and her eyes are clogged with tears. I see anger in her face and sadness is waiting to be seen, too. I wonder why she isn't thinking to be in her happy place.

The End

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