a story.

its a story, read it :)

He was dangerous, he was to be avoided. He was full of pure evil and hatred. Someone you didn’t want to bump into in a dark alley at night. The things he’d done. The things he could do. He was a vicious creature, merciless and terrifying. And he was stood right here before me.

I’d recognise his face anywhere. His black hair stuck out wildly and his cold, shocking blue eyes were staring right at me, sending chills down my spine. He took a step towards me, and I backed away slowly. I knew it wasn’t much good, considering he was going to get me anyway. He was so much quicker than I was, I didn’t stand a chance.

He knew this, and moved even closer, this time he smiled as he did so. It wasn’t a friendly smile, it was cold and cruel. I stayed where I was, trembling slightly. Wait a second; do you really want to give him the satisfaction of seeing you cower in fear? I thought to myself. Hey, if you’re going to die, go out with some dignity!

With this little confident speech I gave myself in my mind, I jerked my chin up and stood my ground. I tried to stop trembling and glared back at him with as much force as I could muster. He seemed to notice the change and he stopped moving, cocking his head to one side.

‘Interesting, you’re not scared?’ came his voice. I jumped a little at the sound. His voice was hard, but hypnotic at the same time. There was a tiny bit of curiosity mingled in there as well.

I kept my voice steady as I replied, ‘No.’

He moved closer to me, he was now less than ten feet away. ‘Not now?’ his smile became mocking and he laughed slightly to himself. ‘What about now?’ he took another step forward. I arched an eyebrow; what was he playing at? Why didn’t he just kill me already?

‘You know, you surprise me,’ he said.

‘I do?’

‘Yes, you actually don’t seem scared,’ he pursed his lips in consideration. ‘All the people I’ve met have been petrified of me.’ He laughed again. ‘And so they should.’

I didn’t say anything. As he was saying this, he was moving ever closer to me and eventually had me backed against the wall.

‘But you?’ his eyes stared down at me and I looked away. ‘Well, I sense a little bit of fear, not much.’

He ran his finger down my cheek and I shuddered at his cold touch. His face was right in front of mine.

‘Why aren’t you scared of me?’

I kept my head to the side, searching for signs that someone might be coming. Nobody did. I edged away from him but his hand grabbed my throat and he pinned me against the wall, sending a shocking pain through the back of my head.

‘I asked you a question,’ he growled.

‘I guess, because I knew that the end was coming for me anyway,’ a tiny voice said, and I realised it was mine.

‘What do you mean?’

How could I be having a conversation with him? Why wasn’t I screaming in fear? Because it won’t do any good, a small voice in my head answered.

‘I don’t suppose it matters now anyway, I’m going to kill you.’

I was surprised that as he said those words, I felt no emotion. No fear, no shock, no hatred, nothing. I just felt empty. Like I didn’t really care what he did, whether I lived or died.

Nevertheless, I scrunched my eyes up and balled my hands into fists as he lowered his head towards my neck. I braced myself for the searing pain, but I never felt it. His hand was still round my throat, but he wasn’t killing me. I opened one eye and glanced up at him, to see him staring into the direction I had been looking not two minutes ago.

I turned my head to the side and my heart pounded as I saw a figure in the distance. He was facing us, no doubt about that. I looked back up towards the guy in front of me and saw his face was a mask of horror.

Without another word, he let go of me and then he disappeared. It took me about five seconds to realise he wasn’t actually coming back and I cast a glance in the direction of the figure who had, no doubt, saved my life. But he wasn’t there.

The End

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