The Eaters of Fire

Not otherwise endemic to the lands of Umtau, reside a dangerous race of creatures in the western region of the continent. Beyond the Dunes of Fire, is a land called Driu-Vaa-Saak, or Death.

Here the mountains rumble with thunder, spewing plumes of poisonous ash and molten rock, making the sky eternally black, and the earth scorched and lifeless. Yet it is here, beneath the earth where the Eaters of Fire or the Vagan V’asi in the Tandarian tongue, dwell.

The mostly feral creatures lay in wait for the wayward and unsuspecting, before they strike. Able to survive for decades without feeding, are nevertheless always ravenous. They are rumoured to be immortal. Fortunately, their spawn is small in number, and are restricted to where the lands are dark, and hot.

Their kind are pale and hairless, their teeth are sharp and jagged, and their stares are jet and vacant. They can wield the fire of any lantern light or torch, or even summon pyre from within.

Most are so great and bulky that they attain heights between ten and twenty feet. Yet these mindless beasts, called Vaga, are controlled by those who are as vertical as average humans, but whose minds are doubly strong.

The End

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