The Tale of the Gulf of Spears

Long ago, Apar, known to the Kassians as the Gulf of Spears, was once as ordinary as any waterway of Umtau. But into this bay, the blood of the Mighty River Tandar rushed from its mouth, and thus it was destined for greatness. It too would have a name.

In the early days of war between Tandar and Kassus, the king of Tandar met the enemy fleet in open water, but a storm surging in Separ was too much for either side. So they retreated each of them. In this regard the king was blessed, for his navy was no match against that of his enemy.

Unfortunately, the king of Tandar received word that his enemy had reversed course after the cyclone subsided so suddenly, and made for the gulf. Moreover, a second larger fleet from Kassus was a day behind, ready to destroy what remained; too late for his northern fleet to provide reinforcement.

Against the urging of his generals, the king ordered his ships stay their anchors near to the reefs and guard every port, rather than meet the enemy in open water, and that their bows face outward.

By morning the Kassians arrived in the gulf. When befogged, the Tandarian fleet had the look of menace, but nevertheless the Kassians went in for the attack. Once their ships were boarded, each captain of Tandar was given orders to sink his ship on the reef. In so doing, the first wave was sunk.

Whatever Kassian ships remained, fled. But the people did not rejoice. The king’s generals insisted their leader had made a grave mistake.

By morning of the next day, the fog had lifted, and the second Kassian wave arrived in the bay. For themselves, they eyed the prize of unprotected ports. Not a single vessel guard could be accounted. And so the Kassians sailed forward, overzealously blind. Blind to masts hidden just under the breach. The hulls of the Kassian ships were pierced, and the second wave was sunk.

The ships that did not attack, saw how quickly their fleet had fallen, as if by magic, and began their retreat for home. But on the horizon the Kassians saw the reinforcements of the king of Tandar, and they were funneled back into the gulf. And so, the remnants of the Kassian navy was sunk.

For his unorthodox strategy, the king of Tandar was declared a hero for he successfully defeated the Kassian navy without engagement. And his tale became legend. And so, the king of Tandar, the king of Spears, gave the gulf a name. And Apar would be its name.

The End

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