Waters & Waterways

All names are given first in Tandarian Vulgar, then in High Kassian, also known as the Common Speech, unless the names are in either language or are otherwise specified.

Enda, or the “Far Sea” is the ocean west of Umtau. Its deadly waters are said to be teeming with sea monsters, notably leviathans, and thus remain largely uncharted.

Separ, or the “Great South Seas” are the southern seas of Umtau. Its waters are well traversed, and many islands have discovered here.

Tok-Navar, or the “Seas of Tragedy” are the icy seas found north of Umtau. Long ago the Tandarians called the waves the Seas of Hope, until the rains bore from it were stolen. The waters turned black and murky. And where it did not shallow and expose isles of season it turned to ice, and bergs plagued the open ocean.

Ehna’ Rial, or the “Halcyon Sea” is a sea becalmed, and it resides east of Umtau. Its pristine waters are nearly transparent in summer, and the waves which touch the horizon are said to have healing powers.

Itar, or the “Bay of Dreams” is a bay of northern Tandar. Like the Ehna’ Rial, its waters are relatively calm, and it is born from the Mighty River Tandar.

Apar, or the “Gulf of Spears” is a gulf of southern Tandar. It is so named for the naval battles that have occurred there; where there are many shipwrecks. The tops of masts hide just under the surface of its waters. Even the mizzen-masts have been known to pierce the hulls of ships. The Mighty River Tandar empties into it.  

Silidan, or the “Hard Channel” is a channel between the island kingdom of Vuseos and the Umtau mainland. The waterway takes its name from the numerous rocks and reefs which make it difficult to navigate.

Arkiva’ Rial, or the “Lagoon of Serenity” is a small freshwater bay where the Arkiva River empties. It is separated from the Ehna’ Rial by a number of reefs and shoals. At its mouth to the sea, a pair of forts have stood for thousands of years to protect Fahržan from invasion. A canal links the bodies of water.

(River) Yaar-Œs or "Winding" is a river of western Umtau running east, and born from the Noskah-Resaak. It lends its name to the country whose peoples once resided along its banks, and earns its name from the numerous meanders in the course of the river.

(River) Tandar or "Mighty" is an extensive waterway borne from the Vastah Ih which runs westward. It is the widest and longest river in Umtau. According to legend, in the first battle between good and evil, the dæmonic V'eti were the first to draw blood. The first blood became the River Tandar.

(River) Liv'Ih or "Bloody" is a river which runs southwest from Vastah Ih. It is the main river utilised by the Skøs Ekar.

(River) Arkiva or "Serenity" is a river running east from the V'eti, and empties into the Arkiva' Rial. The capital of Kassus rests on the mouth of the river.

(River) Zakriva or "White" is a river running east from the V'eti, north of the River Arkiva.

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