States & Settlements

All names are given first in Tandarian Vulgar, then in High Kassian, also known as the Common Speech, unless the names are in either language or are otherwise specified.

Driu-Vaa-Saak, or “Death” in the Common Speech, is the westernmost nation of Umtau, which lies beyond the Noskah-Resaak. All mortal men are warned to not venture here, by either land or sea. The beings that rule the region, which was waste before the desertification of Tandar, are dangerous creatures, which little resemble mankind. They are known as the Vagan V’asi.  

Yaar-Œs, or the “Land of the River Winding” is an old nation due east of the Noskah-Resaak. It is considered the first and last empire of Umtau, where its people once lived on the banks of the River Winding until it dried up, and its origins awoke from a long slumber. The country has been abandoned for centuries.

S’Ulatar, or the “South Cities” is an alliance of cities on the south coast of Umtau, east of Yaar-Œs. Before the war with Tandar and Kassus began, the cities belonged to Tandar, until the expanse of desert between them became too great. More recently, contact with the cities and the rest of the realm is waning, and rumours have begun that the cities may be under the control of, or have been destroyed by the Vagan V’asi.

Xaiar, or the “Little Cities” is northeast of S’Ulatar. But the cities triumvirate is both politically and geographically closer to Tandar.

Tandar, or the “Land Carved by the Mighty River” is a central nation of Umtau. Much of its land is comprised of desert after the Tears of Tok-Navar were stolen. Long has it been at war, and recently they have begun to lose to Kas

Skøs Ekar is Tandarian for “The People of the Rivers of the Eastern Dry.”

Nundir is a city-state on the south coast of Umtau, with Zaneos to its north. As the closest city to Tandar, it is both geographically, and strategically important to Kassus.

Āstai, or the “Red Isles” are the princely isles in the South Seas, off the southeast coast of S’Ulatar. They are so named because of the colour of the stone and sand.

Sidòn, or the “Peach Isle” is an island nation in the middle of the South Seas, south of the Gulf of Spears. It is so named because of the fruit that grows there.

Vuseos, or the “South Dawn” is the large island nation off the south coast of Umtau. The god Vuseos is said to have pulled the island away from the mainland in order to rescue his love Halia from drowning.

Tezan is a new city-state off the southeast coast of Kassus. Once the island fortress held out against the Kassus blockade, Kassus granted the city independence, as it was strategically necessary to win battles against Tandar.

Kassus, or the “First Dawn” is the eastern nation of Umtau. It has been at war with Tandar for centuries.

Fahržan is the capital city of Kassus. It resides on the shore overlooking the Arkiva’ Rial, and the sea beyond it.

Rhøsus, or the “Cold Dawn” is the northern nation of Umtau. It is mostly tundra and arctic desert, though further south, the land changes from moor, to scrub until it is nothing but the dry steppe of Suta T’ek. East of the Vastah Ih, there are a pair of fishing settlements north of Garáth.

Ohskorn, or the “Damned Cape” is a city-state on the north coast of Umtau. It extends just beyond the mouth of the Bay of Dreams, and is frequented by storms from Tok-Navar.

The End

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