Realms & Regions

All names are given first in Tandarian Vulgar, then in High Kassian, also known as the Common Speech, unless the names are in either language or are otherwise specified.

Xintau, or the “Taken Lands

Umtau, or the “Given Lands” is a vast continent created by the gods, and blessed with life. It is a realm conquered by men.

Asi T’il, or the “Dunes of Fire” is a massive desert of western Umtau which is almost entirely made up of sand. Where storms have deprived this land of rain, it is still more than generous with wind.

Suta T’ek, or the “Eastern Dry” is the eastern desert of Tandar. While for rivers of note run through it, it is nevertheless more dry than Asi T’il. There is no wind to speak of and all life flows from the mountains.

Noskah-Resaak, or the “Thorns of Death” is the mountain ranges of western Umtau, separating the Dunes of Fire from the nation of Driu-Vaa-Saak. The mountains are prone to eruption however, spewing ash and fire into the air, scorching the earth, and polluting Enda, and its rivers.

Vastah Ih, or the “Pillars of Immortals” is the northern half of the mountain range separating Tandar and Kassus. The range breaks at Gi’antos and becomes the V’eti. The peaks are the tallest in the realm and bear the might River Tandar among others. It is said these mountains were once warriors, and were immortalised upon defeating their enemies.

V’eti, or the “Vanquished” is the southern half of the mountain range separating Kassus and Tandar. According to legend, these mountains were the enemies of the warriors who became the Vastah Ih. The V’eti also turned to stone, once they were defeated.

Gi’antos, or the “Pass” is a mountain pass between Vastah Ih, and V’eti. The pass has not been used for centuries, as a pair of walls block the entrances spanning the length of the gap. A wall is guarded by the Kassians, and the other by the Tandarians.

V’eo, or “Detritus” are small mountains on the island nation of Vuseos, thought to be the severed heads from the V’eti of legend.

Wuveos is a rainforest on the island kingdom of Vuseos.

Zaneos is a tropical dry forest west of the V’eti, and south of Suta T’ek.

Látos is a temperate forest of central Kassus.

Garáth is a boreal forest, or taiga of northern Kassus.

Ráth is a bog of northern Kassus, south of Garáth.

Livist, or the “Isles of Blood” is an archipelago off the southwest coast of Umtau. The rocky islands are so sharp, legendary beasts like leviathans cut themselves if they swim too close, and their blood washes ashore. 

Halia, or the “Isles of Love” is a chain of islands south of Vuseos, made in the goddess Halia’s honour.

The End

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