Playing For The Boys

“What should I play?” I asked.
“What’s the first song you learned?” Joe asked.
“Um. Blind Mice.”
“No, No. I mean like a real song. Like Hey There Delilah or something.” He explained.
“Oh!” I said, understanding. “The first song I learned was Dock of the Bay.”
I started to play the song. I started to sing aloud to help me remember the right chords.
Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun…
When I finished the song I noticed Nick staring at me I could feel my face getting hot. “What? Was it awful?” I asked nervously.
“Huh? No!” Nick said quickly. “You have a amazing voice.”
“And you’re really good at playing guitar.” Kevin added.
“You really think so?” I asked doubtfully,willing my face to stop burning.
“Totally.” Joe said. “Do you like to sing? I mean you’re awesome,you should.”
“I never really thought about it.” I admitted. “My friends and I got together and recorded a CD once but-”
I thought Nick was going to explode. “Really? Can we hear it?”
“I guess so.” I replied. “It’s not much…”

The End

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