White Lightning

We were on our way to Oklahoma from around the edge of Missouri. I was in luck because Oklahoma was just where I was headed. About 30 minutes down the road Nick asked me if I played any instruments.
“Yeah,” I said. “Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, and the Saxophone. But I kinda suck at the Saxophone.”
“Wow.” Kevin said, impressed.
“Play for us, Wes!” Joe suggested.
“Yeah!” Nick agreed
“Um, I don’t have my guitar…” I said, quickly thinking up an excuse.
“Yes you do!” Nick said getting up and heading towards the back of the R.V.
He came back a moment later with my guitar case. “Moe brought it in with the rest of your stuff.” He explained.
I took it out of the case and ran a hand fondly over the strings. The guitar was white with a blue lightning bolt on it. I’m so proud of it.
“It’s beautiful.” Kevin said appreciatively. “Does it have a name?”
I nodded. “White Lightning.”

The End

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