A Spiral in the Mind

A dream in side my head.

A dream while i'm in my bed.

A dream is where you can escape.

A dream is something you can't film or tape.

You only have the dream once.

You will never see it again.

No dream is ever the same.

I dreamed I was up on a star,

But really i was just woundering where you are,

I dream about us you and me,

Taking a trip down to the sea,

A dream is a spiral in the mind.

And not all dreams are kind,

Watch out in your dreams.

You'll never know where you will end up -

Or so it seems,

You know your asleep,

But how can you tell ? your dreams are so deep,

You will say your dreams are just in your head,

But what if you can't wake up are you DEAD?!!

The End

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