A Spiral In The Mind

See for your self

A dream in side my head,

A dream while i'm in my bed,

A dream is where you can escape.

A dream is somthign you can't film or tape,

You only have the dream once,

You will never see it again,

no dream is ever the same,

I dreamed i was up on a star,

But really i was just wounderign where you are,

I dream about us you and me,

Taking a trip down to the see,

A dream is a spiral in the mind,

And not all dreams are kind,

Watch out in your dreams,

You'll never know where you will end up,

Or so it seems,

You know your asleep,

But how can you tell your dreams are so deap,

You will say you dreams are just in your head,

But what if you can't wake up are you DEAD!!


The End

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