Cassandra-Just another morning

“Nearly there.” I kept saying to myself as I reached up grabbing the next branch and pulling myself up. “You make this look so easy.” If anyone else was about they would think I was nutcase and sometimes they wouldn’t be wrong but, on this occasion I was not talking to myself but my cat Trixy.

Trixy had a habit of climbing up trees and as usual she would climb too far then cry for my help. My tree climbing skills have improved in the few years that she came strolling into my life.

“Meow” She cried happily I looked up seeing the mix black, white and grey cat.

“Never mind hello missy, I best not be late because of you.” I climbed to a closer branch. “Come here girl.” She however had other ideas and jumped up the next branch.

“Guess I’ll just have the milk on my cereal.” My foot just touch the lower down branch when I felt her leap onto my shoulders. I smiled watching my footing as I climbed back down the tree; she jumped off my shoulder and ran into the house. Glancing at my watch I knew I wouldn’t have time for breakfast and went into the garage for my red bike peddling off to the newsagents to pick up the morning papers.

“Good morning Cassandra.” Mrs Ryan said when I came in, Mrs Ryan and her husband own the newsagent they were a middle aged pump couple and loved nothing more than to gossip.

“Morning Mrs Ryan, how are you?” I asked taking my bag of new papers it seemed heavier than usual.

“I’m very well, thank you dear, you will have to forgive me about the load a few others have ordered copies lately.” She explained adjusting her glasses. “Wonder what could be the reason.”

“Yeah I wonder, thank you.” I waved and went on my way around the streets on my bike throwing each paper onto the porch or doorstep. Of course I knew why everyone was even more interested in the morning paper.

On the edge of town an old, broken, creepy abandoned house has been on the market for years. Last week Mayor Donavan declared that it was to be knocked down and replaced by a community centre. But just as they were about to sign the paper work, someone brought the house giving them a generous offer and ever since everyone been on tender hooks to see this strange new family wanting the paper to see if anything has been said about them. I live in a small town where it’s rare that anything interesting happens so something such as this has everyone speculating.

“Hey Cassie wait up!” I turned seeing Jeremy coming out on his bike, I stopped waiting for him to catch up.

“Jeremy I didn’t know you was back.” I smiled his brown hair looked wet from a shower and made me realising how hot I was.

“Mum drove us back last night.” He catch up with me I carried on throwing papers thankfully I didn’t have many left. “Dad stayed with Gran for a little bit.”

“Is she any better?”

“Loads dad just wanted to stay for a bit although she doesn’t like fuss.”

“So your dad will be glad to get home then?”

“Probably. How have things been any news?” He asked I glanced over meeting his brown eyes.

“Nothing apart from there’s a new family moving in.” I throw the last of the papers at the door and stopped taking out my bottle of water enjoying the coolness of the drink. “Have you done the summer essay yet?”

“Hold up a new family? Where are they living?” Jeremy wasn’t one for gossip but even this was news, so I explained the story about this unknown family and where they were moving.

“Wow do you remember the ghost stories when we were little?”

“I still look under my bed at night.” I joked and we laughed as my hungry stomach growled. “Come back to mine for breakfast?”

“Sure. Fancy going down to the lake, give the others a call, catch up and take a picnic?” We started back on our bikes a casual ride back to my house making plans for the day.

The End

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