A spell of romance

In the sleepy town of Gladfell a new family moves in, although they are not the same as the normal residents. They bring a sparkle of interest to the neighbourhood and don't seem to mind the creepy old forgotten house. The school has new students and normal students don't know what to think but they best be careful or else they're turned into frogs.

The rain lashed against windows as the wind hollowed throughout the night, the locals were locked up tight in their cosy homes and every car was park in their drives.

The old battered for sale sign was firmly set in the ground of the old dark house, is was any wonder that it was still there. No one had being in the house in years; many had said that they should knock it down and just as the mayor agreed to get rid of it someone called wanting to buy the old creepy house.

So who was this new family?

The End

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