A Spectral Journey - A Sudden Surprise

Hitting the ground with a massive thud, he slowly opened his eyes to survey where he had landed. For some reason, the strange room where he had landed seemed familiar to him but for what reason he did not know. Using the bedside cabinet next to him in order to climb to his feet, he looked round at the bed and the sleeping figure nestled under the covers with only their head poking out. Realizing that the figure was a woman, he slowly tiptoed towards her until he stopped, suddenly realizing who the woman was. Reaching to gently brush her long black hair away from her face, he recognized her face in an instant. There she was, the love of his life, his beautiful girlfriend.

Stepping back from his sleeping girlfriend, he put his hand to his mouth. He could scarcely believe it. Here he was, in spectral form, standing in his girlfriend’s room as she was fast asleep. Jumping for joy with the barely contained excitement which he was feeling, he turned to stare straight into the deep brown eyes of his girlfriend. Stumbling backwards with shock, he landed on the floor with his legs standing up in the air like masts. After a moment of silence, he heard her let out a small little snigger which soon became a full blown hysterical laugh as she doubled over laughing. Chuckling to himself as he pulled himself to his feet, he too started to laugh hysterically as he tried to wipe the tears of joy from his eyes.

The End

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