A Spectral Journey - The Feeling of Flight

As suddenly as he had though this however, he felt his spectral body being dragged upwards into the sky. Through his ceiling and out through the roof. Up and up he went until he came to a stop floating in mid-air high above the clouds. Gradually opening his eyes to view the never ending sky, he could hardly believe what he was experiencing. Here he was, having an out of body experience, floating in the middle of the air like Superman. But unlike Superman, instead of flying around, he discovered he could just walk. Walk, jog, run, and skip. He did it all high up in the sky whilst laughing uncontrollably, marveling at this magical act. Coming to a stop to catch his breath, he perched himself upon the edge of a cloud, watching the world and its people below silently sleeping. Leaning back to lie upon the tiny fluffy cloud, he slowly closed his eyes and wished just for a minute that his girlfriend could have been there with him to experience this spectacle herself.

Once again, no sooner had he thought that, he felt his body and the cloud beneath him being dragged away by the same unseen force which had dragged him up there. Faster and faster he went until the ground below was just a blur and the stars above seemed like streaks on horizontal lightening. So fast in fact, that he felt that time was slowing down. Slower, slower and slower still until with an almighty jolt, the cloud underneath him stopped suddenly. Unfortunately for him on the other hand, he kept going and backward flipped off the cloud straight towards the ground.

The End

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