A Spectral Journey

A young man awakes in the middle of the night to find a strange phenomenon happening to him. Wishing that he could share this experience with his girlfriend, little does he realize that his wish will be granted.

He awoke suddenly, cold sweat pouring off his brow. He usually awoke like this when he had a bad dream or a nightmare but not this time. This time, it had been a perfectly good dream until he suddenly woke up.  Slowly standing on legs which felt more akin to jelly, he stumbled to the bathroom for a glass of water. Pulling the light cord which hung from the ceiling, the bathroom light flickered repeatedly until it finally managed to keep a connection and stay on. Blinking repeatedly in order to not be blinded by the light, he gazed upon his own reflection in the bathroom mirror. But unlike the thousands of other times he had done so, this time, something was not right. Peering inquisitively into the mirror at his reflection, he slowly realized what was wrong. For some unknown reason, his face looked spectral, ghost like even. So much so that, with his eyes widening in shock, he could actually see the light cord lazily swinging to and fro from when he had pulled it before. Knocking the cup on the sink over as he turned for the door, he madly stumbled back towards his bedroom.

Nearly falling through his door with rushing, he stared with a mixture of amazement and horror at his own sleeping form. He had heard of things like this before, Out of body experiences he thought they were called. Focusing back onto his sleeping form, he slowly walked over to the side of his bed and saw what was lying just by his own stomach. His phone, with his girlfriend’s face on the screen, shone brightly back up at him. He let out a little smirk; she would have loved to have seen him like that in bed fast asleep. Turning from his bed, and now fully awake, he padded over to window and gazed out at the thousands of stars that he could see sparkling up above and the odd flashing lights of passenger planes streaking across the sky. Gazing up at the dark night sky, he wondered just what it would feel like to be up there, flying through the clouds, seeing what the birds see.

The End

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