Forty percent

I lean forward and look him sternly in the eyes. He doesn’t move but just smiles. “Cut the crap, I know what you do isn’t real. And I know that up till now you’ve had a whole community buy into your story and people working for you for free.”

Eoinn cocks his head and raises his eyebrows but doesn’t appear rattled. “So I am not going to just come along and get to work. No, because I’ve got proof that your so-called ‘exorcisms’ are all fake and that you are a fake too.”

Eoinn exhales deeply and leans back into his seat again. He’s appears casual but his mouth has set into a firm line. “I’ve seen it happen in Africa,” I go on, afraid to lose my momentum. “In Africa there are thousands of children being falsely accused of being witches by pastors and priests. These evil people are no better than you sir, no better than you. I know what you are on about. Just like them you ask for a fat price to come and conduct your ‘exorcisms’ and sell them your lotions and potions.

“What amazes me is that you get away with it here. But I’ve got proof and it’s right here.” I slam a blue folder onto the table. I’ve kept my voice low up until this point but the folder gains some attention from those sitting around us. I look around wondering if anyone heard my rant. But those that were paying attention quickly revert back to their conversations and pastries.

“What do you want,” says Eoinn softly, ignoring the folder. “If you care that much you would’ve gone to the police already.”

“I want in,” I say simply. “I want at least half, or I am going to the police. And don’t lecture me about alligators and lakes of fire. This is all nonsense. But you are making money off it. I’ve seen your bank account records. And I want in.”

Eoin smiles. “Fine, I’ll let you in. But you get 30 percent.”

“Forty,” I counter quickly.

Eoin hesitates momentarily. Then smiles. “Forty it is.”

He moves forward but I snatch the folder before he gets to it. “I’m keeping this,” I sneer. “Call it my insurance policy.”

Eoin chuckles softly as he sits back again. He shakes his head then whispers softly. “There is a special place for us both you know that. A special place indeed. Are you ready for it?”

The End

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