Going Online

When I discover a game called Club Penguin while going on the internet,I feel like I dunno where I am going!

Hello guys...My name is Kaylee and this is my story of Club Penguin. Okay,

it all started when I was sitting in my room,bored. I finished playing a game with my sister Josephina and I lost interest on activity.

Today im currently lying down on my pink fluffy bed with nothing to do. I looked around,looking for something to help me. Luckily, I saw the computer.

I went online and kept on thinking what to search.I've had enough of all the educational kiddie websites that my mom suggests. I'm already overloaded. I needed a break. 

Rubbing my head,I finally decided to play a computer game. But what game? I looked on game reviewing blogs and see what they suggest. I tried EVERY game and I am still overloaded. 

on the 7th page,I found a game that caught my eye.

Club Penguin,Club Penguin...Club Penguin....

Josephina then smacked my head. She was trying to see if I am still alive. I nodded frustatedly,and told her to go to her room. 

Anyways I clicked on the PLAY NOW on the page then saw A BIG POSTER called: Welcome To Club Penguin!

With two penguins with some weird creatures and a bunch of igloos on the background. I clicked on the x button and went back. I had two choices. Create A Penguin Or Login. 

Since this is my first time seeing this kind of unusual game. I clicked on the Invisible Penguin. I decided to choose my name. I kept on thinking of name suggestions to fit with my penguin. After a long time of thinking,I managed to find a perfect one. Pengygal But I heard that the name was already taken. But the Club Penguin Staff offered another name. So I decided Pengygal2825. Next,I have to choose my color. What color? I tried blue. It might seem to fit. Next is my password. I dont wanna share my password because thats against the rules. And being hacked is one of my fears. 

My parent's email is next. I smirked. Then frowned. Why do I have to use a parent's email address if I have my own? I decided to use my own so mom wont get annoyed of the spammy emails that await her. Next,I ticked off the two boxes. Then clicked next. 

My penguin is holding an envelope and said to ask mom to activate my account. I checked my email. There,there is a lot to read,but I skipped and clicked the activate penguin button. 

Then a huge blue box appeared. It said if I want to have Standard Safe Chat or Ultimate Safe Chat. Obviously I clicked the Standard. Then I ticked two boxes again. Then clicked next. I was then given the choice to have limited play or Unlimited Play. I've learned the The Unlimited Play is part of paying real money,so I sticked to Limited Play.

Now that my suffering of raising a new penguin is over,I better see what awaits me.

The End

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