A sort of perfect summer of 2010Mature

A brief story about a popular boys amazing summer of 2010.

My name is Alfie Collins, a young boy who has been getting on with my boring school life. There is only a week left or year 9 until school is finished for the summer so i am planning what to do in a summer that i will hopefully remember for the rest of my life. I wake up to a squeeling alarm clock attempting to wake me up but i just push it to the floor and carry on sleeping, "Alfie!" my mum shouted "i am coming" i responded obviously lying. When i finally get up i remember it is Friday the last day of school woo, when i finish jumping about i realise there is homework "uh oh" i turn to the clock, there was 5 more minutes till i have to leave, so i dash upstairs in record time dreading the though of having to stay back after school for a detention. But it is to late i can either have a late detention because i missed my bus or i can have a homework detention, i decide to have the homework detention because the late teacher creeps me out. 

The End

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