A Song and A Child

Rev and Erie, two different people who see themselves stranded in a life full of treachery and hatred go the distance and seek the true world presented to them. See them as they continue on with their lives even without those people that carried them to this life.

Hi... I'm Jeremy ... My mom calls me Rev but I guess it's your choice what you call me... I'm sorta out of words now and I'm not really the most sociable kind of person... Anyway, I can't really say I'm happy with my life... Well I'm really not... I'm currently 11 years old and I live along the slums beneath the bridge here in my town. Some say I should go to the orphanage and get someone to adopt me but damn, I'm not really alone! I'm not even half-alone, I mean c'mon, I have relatives with me at home... The question is.. Are they really with me at home?

Five months ago, I woke up and overheard my parents fighting. At least I think they were... If  you could only hear the passion in their voices, you would probably feel the intensity of the moment! I believe they were talking about some kind of problem about our home. They said something about we had to move and that we had to get the hell out of there to save our lives. At that moment, I stood up and tried to look at them from a open hole that we had in our room. The open hole had the entire view of our supposed to be living room which didn't really become a living room due to "weather conditions" and "time" as my mom said. I continue to shrug as she reasoned those words... I never even asked when or how it will end! Anyway, about the incident, it was kind of traumatic for me 'cause the moment that I peeked and laid my eyes unto that small hole was the time that my dad pushed my mother towards the wall. The whole wall shook and even I got a piece of the hurt that my mom received. I startled yet I got myself together to see what was going to happen. I've never felt like this before! The feeling of adversity and the feeling of wanting to know the event. It was like that drama show that my neighbor was watching.

"Just go and never come back!" the fine young lady said.

"I will never come back! You think I will!? I don't need you anyway you whore!" the young man replied.

I never really knew what "whore" means but it must've been a word full of emotion... Moving on, I peeked once again at the small hole in front of me and saw my mom slap my dad. My dad who was quite hot-tempered, retaliated and immediately punched my mom. My mom became furious and retaliated with a left and right combo but my dad who in my opinion had the muscles of a damn boxer pushed my mom straight ahead at the wall which had the hole I was looking at. I tumbled and I was pushed back probably from the strength and force of my dad. I was stunned for quite a while but after a few seconds, I heard some loud shouts from the outside of the window. Curiosity flew into me and I immediately rushed to the window eager to know what was happening outside the house. For a moment, I seemingly forgot that my dad and mom were fighting over something I don't even know and if put in the position of a parent, I think I would go berserk over my son 'cause why in the world would he care more about the riots outside rather than our damn family problem. I continued pondering about why I went there instead of secretly listening to the current situation of our family but in the end I just looked at the window...

What I saw was like a war... More like war of the worlds... Among two different races I think? Perhaps even more...

The End

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