Wasilla's Angel

Sarah watched the helicopter fly away into the sky with the children.  As it went behind the treeline, she turned to walk back home.  The snow beneath her began to crunch loudly, and she felt the snow moving.  Sarah ran quickly to her attic window as the snow behind her collapsed.  She jumped through the window and landed on the hard floor of the attic.  The snow outside the window fell and exposed the ground beneath, but only in that one spot.

Sarah turned and began crawling quickly to the opening by the ladder.  As she leapt forth to get to her family, she fell down to the floor of her hallway. 

"Mom, are you okay?"  her daughter asked. 

"Oh goodness no.  I feel terrible."  Sarah looked to her arm and noticed that a large piece of glass has cut her open and is still wedged in the blood soaked coat sleeve.

"Sarah!"  Todd ran to her and held her arm.  "Girls, get to the kitchen and turn on the water."  Todd carried her to the sink and took her coat off.  

"I think it happened when I jumped through the window there in the attic there."  Sarah tried to explain, but just stopped talking.  After a few minutes, Todd had removed the glass, and wrapped the wound. 


Sarah woke up to a very large room with a lot of people and scattered cots that were laid out as if there was some aid for the natural disaster of Wasilla.  Two little girls were standing next to her, and were happy to see her eyes open. 

"Thank you for helping us."  They spoke in unison, which was kinda creepy, but sweet. 

"Oh goodness, I would do it again if I had to don't ya know."  Sarah said in confidence. 

Behind the girls, an old lady approached.  "So this is the savior of my little girls."  Sarah looked up and smiled. 

"Oh, why yes I am.  I had help though."  she looked to the curious family, "The lady had long black hair, just like you three, and was wearing this white parka like blanket-" 

The elderly lady interupted her, "It sounds like you were visited by their mother." 

Sarah looked to the grandmother, "I can't believe that, she seemed so real."

Todd approached her with some water, "I spoke to the pilot of the chopper that saved you.  He said that if he hadn't seen you, those girls would have frozen to death." 

Sarah looked to him, "I'm glad I was there then, can you tell?" they smiled.


The End

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