Sarah the Super Hero

"Early this morning, Wasilla, Alaska was covered by a massive avalanche."  The news reporter announced to the world.  No one was prepared to face the natural disaster as it poured all over the homes of the unknowing citizens.  "Help has been sent from agencies all over the northern United States, but none of the trucks can surpass the snow.  It seems there is no hope for Wasilla Alaska."  The news Anchor reported with dismay.

Sarah continued to call Todd, but he never answered.  With many things going through her mind, she jumped up and ran towards town.  Nothing seemed the same.  There were no roads, and only the tops of trees.  It took Sarah hours to find her roof top.  When she discovered the narrow chimney on her steep roof, she reached for her rifle, and once again used it as a shovel to dig down to the highest window that happened to open into the attic.  Sarah raised the rifle butt into the air, and swung it into the glass, shattering the round window.  She carefully climbed in.  covering her mouth and nose, she crawled through the mess of boxes, and campaign signs that the children at Wasilla Elementary School labored over for weeks.

"Mom!  Is that you?"  She could hear her daughter ask. 

"Oh goodness, Yes it is!"  She replied, kicking the ladder down, and sliding to the floor of the hallway.  "Are you all okay?" 

They all nodded and Todd said, "Sarah, we need to stay in here and get warm. That means no leaving."  Todd spoke with out hoping for any response, but Sarah had other plans. 

"I have to help my people, don't ya know!" she began climbing up the ladder. 

Her husband grabbed her arm, "I love you." and kissed her.  He pleaded, "Be safe out there."  

"Oh goodness, I will!" they all waved goodbye, and wished her luck.  Sarah covered her mouth and nose while she crawled back through her attic.  She nudged those crayon and sweat colored signs, and pushed forward.  Once she approached the window, Sarah stood and began climbing above the snow.

Standing above her home, she barely saw a woman hobbling along.  "Why hello there!  Don't ya know there was an avalanche?"  Sarah yelled. 

The strange lady walked closer and said, "My family is trapped, would you help?"  The stranger lifted her hand from the white parka, draping from her head to her feet, and pointed toward a roof with a large chimney.

"Oh, I am sure I can help."  Sarah assures the oddly placid lady.  They began walking carefully toward the brick chimney, and found that a fire has been lit.  Sarah looked down and saw a fire below.  Upon lifting her face from the pillar of smoke, she wiped the black from her eyes.  "Oh, there's a fire down there, don't ya know."  she, and the lady giggled.

The odd lady moved her hair from her face and noticed that she had no gloves on.  She then handed Sarah a small shovel, "This is what I dug myself out of the snow with earlier.  Would you have any use for it?" 

Sarah looked at her, "Why yes I would have a use for that there shovel there."  She grabbed the shovel from the lady and scoops up a bit of snow.  "You better stand back." Sarah motioned the nice lady back. 

With a heave and a ho, she dropped the pile of snow into the chimney below.  They both listened and hear the PLOP.  More Smoke bellowed out, and soon there was none. 

The lady looked to Sarah and said, "You shouldn't go down there with such a dirty face.  You'll scare them away."  The lady wiped her face. 

As Sarah opened her eyes, the lady was gone.  "Oh goodness, Where did ya go?"  Sarah shouted and looked around some more.

A child's voice shouted, "Help!" and Sarah's attention was averted to the lives of a family in need. 

"I'm comin' down to help ya!"  Sarah straddled the edge of the chimney and slid down.  She landed on the warm coals, and quickly got off. 

"Thank you for coming to save us crazy lady!" the small child showed her appreciation with a hug. 

"Oh goodness, I sure hope you kids are safe here in this house."  Sarah grabbed the other child and asks, "Is there any one else here?  I don't want to leave anyone behind, don't ya know."  She looked around. 

"No one but us.  We haven't seen our mommy since she died a long time ago, and our daddy was at the store, and hasn't come back."  the little girl informed her. 

Sarah looks down, "You mean to say that you two were here alone? Oh goodness, shame on him."  She grabbed the kids and walked them to the chimney, "Now grab those there iron pegs and climb up like a ladder there."  the kids did what she said without question.

As the second child reached the top, Sarah walked to the opening.  Before climbing up, she heard a voice, "Plese make sure they get to their grandmother's house."  She looked around and saw that one of the windows had a hand print, as if someone was watching from the outside, which would be illogical because the windows are covered by snow. 

"Who's there?"  Sarah asked.  After looking around the house, no one could be found.  A sound came down the chimney with a strong breeze.  Sarah ran to the fire place and began climbing up.  She reached the top and saw a Helicopter and a man strapping the girls in.  "Oh thank you sir.  We are very grateful, can't you tell?"  She pulled his arm and tried to speak over the helicopter's blades, "I was told to get them to their grandmother's house, but I don't know where she is." 

The man looked to her and said, "I'm a local here, and I see these girls at church all the time.  I can get them to their grandmother.  Don't you worry." He assured her. 

"Oh, thank you so much." She looked back to him and pointed to her home,  "I live right over there, you come back for me!"

The End

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