A Snowball's Chance

My submission for the contest.

Winter winds in Wasilla Alaska aren't something you would shake a stick at.  Sarah Palin had been hunting Moose in the hills, and had been feeling the cold chills of those winds.  Her hair was tied up in a bun, and she was all bundled up in her thick coat and triple layered thermal bottoms.  The gun she had decided to take with her is of high calibur, and her boots were tough.  The only thing that kept her from her Moose was their instincts to escape danger.  Though Sarah is an intrepid hunter, she did have the sense enough to respect the strength of their antlers, so she brought an extra handgun to protect herself. 

The sun was crawling over the tree, and she felt the sun on her face.  Just beyond some of those trees, Sarah saw some movement, and lifted her rifle.  The Moose came into sight, and she peered down the length of the barrel.  "I'm gonna getcha, sucka."  Sarah was anxious to make her kill.  The Moose looked to her and stood still.  She gripped the trigger and began to squeeze.  It lifted a hoof and leant forward.  Sarah gave the trigger a bit more tension while aiming right at the heart.  In an instant, her shot rang through the hills and the Moose headed quickly away, and Sarah was left in awe of the Moose that outran a bullet.

She stood and gently walked up the mountain, hoping to find another Moose, but as she took her second step, a strange feeling shook her feet.  To her left, up the mountain, a large avalanche began falling with rapturous speed.  Sarah ran to the valley where her large ATV was sitting.  Adreneline pumped through her body, and in a matter of seconds, she was moving.  Making distance, Sarah noticed that the avalanche was gaining on her.  She lowered forward to lose some wind resistance, but it was too late.  The snow engulfed her vehicle, and trapped her in an icy tomb.

Hours later, she woke up in chills.  Though she was extremely cold, her thick coat and thermal bottoms kept her alive.  In a side pocket of her boot, she pulled out a small bottle of Bicardi Rum.  It was clear, so she could see the liquid and the bubbles quite well.  "Oh, I need to know which way is up, don't ya know." she complained.  Sarah lifted the bottle forward, and saw that the bubbles went to the neck, and that meant she was almost standing in mid snow.  It would take a considerable amount of effort to free her, but she was determined to be freed. 

Sarah dug for her gun, and eventually found it.  She began moving it around to make room to begin digging.  After a few minutes, she had made enough area to stand up to find balance and direction.  Some light shown through a small hole above her, and she soon utilized a gun's butt to bust a large enough hole to crawl out of.  After getting out, and sitting in the frigid snow, Sarah opened her cell phone.  She dialed a number and called her husband to pick her up.


The End

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