Luna's visit

" God damn it, things just keep getting worse.." Luna muttered into Leigh's shoulder.

" What do you mean? Is there more you haven't told me?" Leigh asked

Luna slumped into a chair at the island in the kitchen. She sighed and ran her fingers throungh her pinned back hair. It started falling carelessly around her face.

She muttered into the kitchen counter " The police have told me things I'm not suppose to tell anyone else and I said something by accident on tv. I said it wasn't a murder was a serial killing. Sorry suspected serial killing..."

Leigh roughly grabbed Luna's shoulders. She shook Luna as if she was trying to shake some reason or lucidity back into her.

" What are you saying Luna ?Just say. Say it all"

Luna looked up from red rimmed eyes. She sniffled and then used her sleeve as a kleenex. When Luna fixed what could be fixed, she cleared her throat.

Luna said " A witness came forward. Gave a character sketch of Mya's boy toy. The police kept poking at her...kept coming back asking her questions because they knew she knew something.I'd like to thing it was fear that kept her back not because...she was uncaring or...Anyway...She mentioned his ex girlfriend had commited suicide. No one fought it because she was suicidial..."

Leigh uncurled her fingers and moved her rough hands away from Luna. She gently rested them on the cupboard and started tapping her fingers on the cupboard.

" It looks like your playing the piano" Luna muttered

" What?"

" Just ignore me. I'm just going insane" Luna said dryly

The End

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