What just happened?

Leigh wished she was in bed already. She wished she could have just slept in her clothes. But she had to walk to her bed first...and she was still in the sun room. She shuffled her feet into the kitchen. She could see a faint trail of smoke. Leigh watched it twist and twirl in the air until it disappeared. The candles from last night had melted down and the water  had extinguished them. So all traces of romance were gone...

Leigh looked at the wilted looking lily pad and smiled. There was something here after all...Well...the cupcakes were here too. But both would rot and die. Become nothing but compost.

What was with her? She just had the most romantic night of her life, shouldn't she be happy? Wistful at the very least. But all Leigh felt was saddness. Like it all was too good to be true. Maybe it was...

Leigh sighed and flopped on her bed. She kicked off her pants and shimmied out of her bra. After awhile of trying to will her shirt off ,Leigh groaned and pulled it over her head. She flopped on the floor and runnaged through her drawers until she found her oversized NIN t-shirt. Leigh threw it on, gracelessly. She was too lazy to look for pants or to brush her teeth. Leigh just practiced her best zombie impression until she got into bed. Leigh blinked at the light coming through the blinds. Damn sun. Leigh finished cursing Apollo and threw the blankets over her head. It was hotter than hell under those blankets but atleast it wasn't bright. Leigh slowly fell asleep in her little sauna...

Until BANG! BANG! BANG! Someone was knocking down her door. Leigh got up in a panic. She fumbled in her bedside table until her small fist curled around the handle of a large hunting knife...Leigh ignored her heavy breathing...and she got up. She made a couple of practice cuts in the air. All it proved to her was that she could mimic being a samourai. She had excellent miming skills. Leigh put the knife down beside her but kept it close real close. She but on the pants she had on last night.

Leigh krept to the the first floor and peered into the living room window. She saw Luna's ford Focus and she exhaled. Leigh quickly stashed her knife in the kitchen with a bunch of other cutlery and then ran to get the door. Luna had turned around and was headed towards her car. Leigh whistled and flagged her back. Luna rolled her eyes and ran up the deck stairs into the house.

" I wish I could just roll out of bed , when ever I wanted " Luna said acidly

Leigh raised her eye brows but nothing. Luna could "roll" out of bed when ever she liked. Luna was a blogger. So what was keeping Luna from getting her beauty rest?

Luna slapped her bag on the counter and shook her head.

" Honestly " Luna said " Do you do anything around here? I,ve been trying to call you over and over. So you wouldn't have to see it on the news"

Leigh crinkled up her forhead and looked at Luna questioning.

"See what?"

" Have you gotten out of bed at all? And is there a lily pad in this bowl? It's been all over the news...The male corpse they found with Mya's doesn't match the DNA underneath her fingernails. And worest of all her corpse was stolen, and her file was stolen. Someone really wants this to stay buried" Luna said as she teared up

Leigh put her hand on Luna' s shoulder and started to gently rub her back. Slowly they leaned into each other. Buried their heads in each others shoulders. Leigh heard Luna sniffle and then felt the mositure on her sholder. Leigh stood strong. Somehow, someone was going to play for this.

The End

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