A bad dream

Jermey and Luka set up office in Luka's kitchen. Luka picked up all the drawings of phones and crumpled them up. The phones had stopped ringing, thankfully. Luka's head was clear and focused on the unopened file. Jeremy put it on her kitchen table as soon as it was clear. He raised his eyebrows at all the drawings, but had learned, finally it was better not to ask. Luka went to the kitchen and threw the drawingings in her small kitchen garbage. They threatened to uncrumble back into shape but Luka slamed the lid shut so they didn't fall out and onto to the floor.

Jeremy cleared his throat and said " I'm really glad your helping us. I don't know why Orson didn't want you involved. "

Luka smiled and walked up to the table, where Jeremy hovered over the unopen police file. She leaned and hovered over the file to. She silently read Mya's name on the file. Her fingers were itching to open it but she forced them still.

" You know how Orson is. He is still stuck in the dark ages. Men save women not the other way around. I don't even know what he thinks he's saving me from. Pass the file here. I want to have a look"

Jeremy complied. He slid it accross the dark wood table.Luka stopped it with her palm. Nothing.Luka ran her fingered around the edge of the file. Nothing. She ran her fingers accross the entire file. Nothing. No visions.

She took a big risk then and quickly opened it. Nothing. So she ran her fingers accross the words, barely reading them. It was a crime scene report. But the meaning of the words became irrelvant. The words themselves lept out of the page and bound her hands and feet. The only thing to look at then was the wall infront of her. She was bound to tight to look or move anywhere else. She she started at the walls as the walls closed in on her. Her walls were a dreamy shade of blue. These walls grew dark blue and then purple until it faded to a crimson red. Crimison red paint dripped from the walls like...blood. And from the walls she stepped out.

Jeremy watched in horror as Luka fell to the floor and started into a fit of convulsions. So this was why Orson didn't want to involve Luka. Jeremy knew enough to move the furniture away and to keep his distance. But he felt so useless just watching her twist around in agony.

Luka recognized her from her picture. Petite, willowy and right now completely pissed off. It was Mya. Her Blond hair was darker, longer and blew around her line vines. She wore a crimson dress that covered her arms and she wore red gloves. So Luka could only see her face and her wild hair.

Jeremy bend down close to Luka's ears and muttered " If your in their Luka , now would be a good time to come back to earth"

Mya bend down. Luka saw the sea of crimson foam around her and she felt goose bumps and shivers all the way down her spine. Mya caressed Luka's face and brought Luka's ear closer up to her mouth. Mya whispered lowly " You have made a lovely vessel but I'm not quite done with you yet"

Luka's eyes snapped open. Luka woke up feeling groggy and well used like someone had slipped her the date rape drug or something. Luka lay looking up at the ceiling. She didn't now if this was a good thing or not. Mya was pissed and looking to settle the score...

The End

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