Good bye

The sky was getting bluer outside. They both saw it but chose to ignore it for awhile. She lay on his lap in the sun room ofcourse. The most dangerous room in the house. The room that was a contant reminder. It shouted " You can only have the night!"

They stayed silent mostly. Leigh lay on his lap. Just daydreaming. Sort of. Orson sat there and listened to her breathe. Orson was a gentlemen he would not ask to stay the night or the day. He knew that was not how people did thing these days but he was old school. It was would his father would have done.  And Leigh wasn't going to ask him to. Not just because she was a lady. Her bedroom was her private space. Her soul was bare their.

It was the only room in the house that had no trace of the beach. The walls were a warm shade of chocolate brown and had vintage black and white photos everywhere. Her bed was the focal point with it's lush red sheets. I might as well have whispered come heither. Her bedroom was the only place where she admitted she was a sexual being. Even then the admission was said in a whisper.

Orson shifted and Leigh groaned and sat up. She smoothed her hair and her clothes and looked up at Orson. Orson relunctantly stood up. He offered Leigh a hand up.  Leigh grunted and let him hoist her up. His hand lingered there moving up and down her wrist and then to her shoulder and upper back. Leigh hooked her fingers around one of his belt loops and played with it. She looked self conciously at her fingers twisting in and around the thin piece of fabric. Then slowly looked up at him.

" Daylight is coming soon" Leigh muttered

" I'd kill to watch the sun rise with you" Orson said

Leigh laughed lightly " Hopefully you never have to"

Orson took his other hand and held it to her porclain face. This closely he could see the lines around her eyes. They were thin now. But he could see them deepen around her eyes over the years. When that happened he would kiss them and tell her they were beautiful to him. He only prayed she would believe it. It was true. He had always found older women more attractive. They were more confident and they knew the power of mystery and a well tailored dress.

But now he ran his hand accross her unlined face. He could not even see the laugh lines. Her lips were tight and her eyes were cold. She didn't want him to go. He didn't want to go.

He slowly brought his lips to hers and he kissed her. Softly, urgently as if all they had was now. They both knew rationally the day would go by. They both knew nothing but time could come between them. It seemed like the worest advisary to have.

They both quickly broke the kiss so she could breathe but then went right back to kissing. She stuck her hands in her pockets so he couldn't see them trembling. The shaking was less but she didn't want anything to ruin this. If this was all they had.

She broke away first. And she did feel broken, wretched. Like she was meant to be with him...But she wouldn't keep him like this. It was cruel and the sky was getting purple.

" Go " She said

" I'll be back tonight, if you want me too" Orson said.

Leigh nodded and pushed him out the sunroom door.

She muttered sadly " Get out"

Orson laughed " I never did know how to say goodbye"

The End

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