If you ask me another question...

" If you ask me another question, I swear to god I am going to puuch you. Right in the face. Right there on your pretty mouth" Luka threatend

Jeremy rose his hands in surrender " Woh! I just wanted to get to know you better"

Luka gave him a hard look and then a cruel emphiany crossed her brain. If she wasn't feeling so vulerable, she wouldn't have even considered it. But she felt as if the vultures were out.

" So, you wouldn't be offended if I did the samething...not that I need to. I already know everything about you. I know you grew up in a trailor park. Everyone in your trailor park dreamed of a better life...house. Even if it was only one of those crappy houses just outside of the park. I know your mother..."

Jeremy gritted his teeth and dug his fingers into his pant legs. Gone was the relaxed, young soul. He aged right there before her eyes.

But Luka was filled with rage. So filled it left little room for mercy. So she continued.

" Your mother wanted you to get out and be a cop or something. Something noble. But you fell into the wrong crowd..."

" Stop" Jeremy pleaded.

"  With your Dad being gone. That left her to be the bread winner. She worked long hours at the factory and she wasn't home very offten..."

" Enough" Jeremy wailed and slamed on the dashboard

Luka continued " Your grades never dropped so she never saw it coming...Those cool kids didn't go to your school. You had never seen them before... but they were cool. Everything was too good to be true...because it was..."

Jeremy unclipped his seat belt and was ready to open the door. But the car was still moving. Luka grabbed him and hulled him back. Jeremy was surprised at her strength.

" Okay you made your point, sit down" Luka sighed " And I think I made mine"

Jeremy pretended not to wipe his eyes. He tried to sniffle manly. He waited until he could be certain his voice wasn't shaking.

"  They threw me into these vampires for a pile of cash. It was a finders fee...they were looking for humans with latent powers"

Luka nodded " It often starts that way...often we forget what it is to be human. We think were all powerful gods. But it doesn't excuse anything"

Jeremy clenched his fist and said " No, it doesn't"

The End

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