The Fragile

" The fact that your blood has no smell means we are meant be be temptation really" Orson said as he stroked her hair.

Leigh sighed. Orson thought it was content but Leigh new there would always be temptation. So they didn't have to face blood lust. Regular lust was scary enough for her...thinking about it made her feel empty.

Leigh pulled away slightly and put her hand to her stomach. She was hungry and now was too lasy to cook so she just grabbed a box of crackers and quickly started shoving vegetable crackers in her mouth.

Orson whispered " I wish I knew how to cook"

Leigh shrugged " I'm to impatient to wait for you to cook, I'm hungry now"

Then she went back to emptying the box of crackers. Crackers didn't work well as stress food. Leigh needed chocolate but unfortunately the only thing in her kitchen were the bare bones. She sighed and focused on actually tasting the crackers.

" If I could cook, you'd be eating something better filling right now.." Orson said

Leigh shook her head " No, you sound like a perfectionist you'd still be cooking it now"

" I just wish I had more to offer you..."

Leigh dropped her cracker box and looked at the counter top as she said.

" I'm only good with the written word...but I'll try and say this right. I never thought men needed reassurance...It's that you always see the woman...Never mind that's irrelevant...It's just that...I chose you. You. All of you"

" It won't be easy to do...You never ask me about my feeding. Maybe you turned a blind eye...maybe you forgot I was not human. But maybe you should ask those questions" Orson warned.

Leigh shook her head while still looking at the counter. She felt around for the cracker box and nearly knocked it over. She brought it closer to herself and immdiately stuffed her face and made it impossible to talk . Orson grabbed the cracker box out of her hands and tossed it accross the room. Leigh looked at him infuriated.

" I don't want to talk about this now" Leigh whispered

" I don't kill people if that's what you thought..."

Leigh shook her head vigarously . She took a deep breath and said. " Your a vampire. I'm a human. Vulnerable. weak...only around for a century...I know all we have is now. I won't make you stay with me when I'm saggy..."

Orson laughed cruelly " If there was a way...any way to convert you I would. But it's too much of a risk. You need a high vampire background. At least eighty percent...but even then there's stll a risk"

Leigh walked up to him and into him. She just lay into him with her arms at her side. Orson let himself lean into her and to seek comfort from her.

" I don't care about all that stuff...let,s jut not ruin this by more talking. Just hold me" Leigh said.

And he did.

The End

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