The file


" I'm driving" Luka demanded

She cupped her hand over the roof of the car and raised her eyebrows impatiently.Jeremy rolled his eyes. Did she really need another reason to fight? Luka huffed, and there was Jeremy's answer.

" Do they even give out lissences to holograms?"

" Funny. Hardy Har, har. Now give me the keys. I always drive" Luka insisted.

Jeremy stepped away from the car and stuck the keys into his pants...where the sun don't shine. Luka's eyes went wide but with frustration, not surprise. She grunted and slamed the top of the car. She ran over to him and quicky began shoving him.

" What was the point of that?"

" Do you always have to be in control?" Jeremy asked.

Luka shoved him " Yeah I do. Know give me the fu-"

Jeremy lifted up his hands in surrender and the keys quickly fell to the cool pavement. 

Luka sighed " Your picking those up"

Jeremy shook his head playfully " No if you want to drive, your picking up the keys. You don't even need to drive-"

Luka sighed and picked up the keys. She shoved him away from the driver's side. Luka opened her door and quicky turned on the car and turned on thr radio. She put it on one of those variety stations. Jeremy took his sweet time coming in and getting seated. Luka' patience was tired of being tested. She was ready to let it rip now. Jeremy sat down and gave her this dumb grin.Luka growled and twisted up her face.

" So you got me at your feet, now what big boy?"

" Relax, I was just playing"

Luka hit on  the gas and drove off. Luka liked to drive and she liked to drive fast. This was just a regular family car so it felt the effects much more. And it took longer to break than Orson breast.

" I still don't see why your driving anymay" Jeremy said anonyed.

Luka's face softened slightly as she said " It's hard to appear normal when you pop up everywhere"


The End

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