What am I to you?

" What am I to you?"

" Why this discussion now?" Leigh mumbled.

She half ignored him and over to the fridge. Orson hovered behind her. Leigh was anonyed that this discussion also seemed to be hovering, hanging in the air. Leigh tore apart the fridge and peered into all it's secert compartments until she found something that interested her. It was a block of cheddar cheese.

" All I am is hungry right now" Leigh mumbled.

Orson put his hand and started miming. He was pretty good. He moved his hand towards her but never got to her, the wall always came between them. Orson opened up a window and stretched his hand out to cup her face. As he cupped her face she fought control of her fingers. She slamed the block of cheese on the counter before she dropped it. Then went to find a cutting board.

" It just seems everytime, things get to deep for you the wall goes right back where it was. I'm begining to see that it has nothing to do with me..." Orson said.

Leigh gulped and waited for the accusations to come, they never did. She slowly put a cutting board on the counter. Then grabbed a knife from the butcher's block. A grilled cheese sounded really good to her right now. Leigh set up her work station and started chopping. Orson watched as she started massacreing the cheese. It so too erratic. Out of control. Orson cringed over and over again. He quickly realized he could not say something.

" Becareful. You are going to cut yourself. God your a hazard with that thing' Orson warned,

Abprutly Leigh looked up at him uncertainly. Then she started at her hand.

' What?' Orson asked

He peered at the cutting board and saw three drops of crimson blood. Then Leigh scooped up her hand and wrapped it up tightly in a tea towel. But it was to late...The black was already swollowing the color in Orson's eyes. He closed off his nose to the smell of it. But it didn't help he knew it was there. Nothing could stop his mouth from watering...

Leigh didn't seem to notice. She wrapped up her hand and watched as the blood slowly came through.

" Clumsy fool" She muttered.

She looked up to see Orson panting. Truly more dog than man. Ready and willing to stalk...his prey. Leigh took an instinctive step back. Orson took a step forward. And then ran to the window and threw it open. He stuck his head out of the window and shouted back to her.

" I just want you to know and believe it that I'd never hurt you. I wish you'd trust me" 

Orson felt a soft weight against him. He turned around to see her face leaning against his shoulders. She was so close to him...Her and her blood. But Orson felt strong enough to trust himself. But he continued to limit his breathes and keep his sense of smell at bay at least for now.

" I trust you. It's the world, I don't trust" Leigh said

Orson leaned over akwardly and gently patted Leigh's hair. It was so clothes to his face and his nose. He couldn't help but give into temptation. But he noticed the oddest thing...the weirdest thing...Leigh didn't smell like anything.

Orson slowly brought her bloody hand to his nose. It smelt like nothing. Orson easily unwrapped her hand and bring it to his lips. He licked at the wound and mewed softly. Leigh looked at him shakily like she didn't know if she should feel terrorized or aroused. Her lips parted in a soft " O". Her breath was heavy. She tried to choke it back but the evidence still remained.

Orson left her hand relunctantly. It didn't smell like anything until you were cloe. To close. She smelled like sweet fruit...perhaps pinapple or melon. It was so faint...all he could do was guess. She tasted like dessert wine...maybe ice wine. Ment to be sipped and savoured, never gulped.

Leigh gapped at her hand. He had healed it. His magic tongue...had licked all the way the hurt and left nothing but...but pleasure. She stared at her hand for about five minutes. Even when she put her hand down she still felt stupified.

" I can't smell you" Orson said

Leigh looked at him warily " Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

" You have no sent. Unless we are face to face. Skin to skin..."

Leigh blushed and set to work. She took the cutting board and slid the bloody cheese into the garbage. Then wiped the cutting board clean. It was almost like it had never happened. But it had. And Leigh's heart was still racing. Her mind still buzzing.It wasn't unusual for couples to express their love in much more phyical ways. If that's what they were? Were they a couple? Ofcourse they were.

The End

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