" Serial Killer?" Jeremy said " There's definetly more to this, that no one is saying'

Luka nodded " I say we investigate further"

The scruffy man stared at them intently too intently. Jeremy wanted to push him back and tell him to take his eyes off of her. But Luka didn't notice. She smiled at the bum and moved closed. She actually offered him her hand.

" My name is Charlotte"  Luka said kindly

" Pretty name. Charlotte was my wife's name. My name is Al"

Luka looked up at the tv and then at Al " Do you recognize any of those police officers on the tv?"

Al nodded and moved to the corner of the cell and tried to get as close as possible to the tv. He pointed but he was to far from the tv. Luka and Jeremy had no idea who he was pointing to.

" The man with the moustache is Detective Malone, Homicide"

Luka smiled and bowed to him.

" I hope nothing but good karma for you Al. I must be going now"

Al grunted " It's about time I got some"

The police station was almost empty. The office's were closed and locked. Only the jails were fully operational. Guards absently walked through and barely eyed them. Jeremy crinkled his face and gave them a double take. Why had they just let them walk out of there?

Luka quickly strode out and Jeremy tailed after her. He leaned in, tried to look at her. Read her mind. She seemed to still be smiling. It was a cocky wears when they know something that no one else knows. Well he already knew that she knew everything. What else was new?

" Why did you tell that Bum that your name was Charlotte?" Jeremy asked

Luka enlightened him " Because, it is"

" Luka, a nickname or something?"

Luka shushed him " Just keep an eye for Detective Malone's office"

 Jeremy muttered " And why did they let us just leave like that?"

" The police? You were making them look away. Wiping their memories clean"

Jeremy shook his head.

Luka didn't look at him. She looked around the corner and sighed. They faced a flight of stairs. This was there last hope. Detective Malone's office had to be here.

" Well it wasn't me. I can't do that stuff. "

Luka quickly took the stairs two at a time and almost stumble on the forth step. Jeremy caught her and held her for a second.

" Careful" He muttered

Luka grunted and pushed him away. Then went back to her stairmaster routine. Jeremy rolled his eyes and followed her lead.

" Hey, why can't we dematerialize or project or something? We are vampires"

Luka said breathless " I am projecting"

Jeremy grabbed her by the shoulder. She felt warm, solid, human. Okay,maybe not human. He crinked his face again. What was she animal ,plant , rock?

Luka pushed him away and paused at the last step,

She explained " I'm actually sleeping in the room next to Orson's room. But not resting this is hard work"

" But you drove a car..." Jeremy started babbling.

" Yeah...with my mind" Luka looked at him if he was the odd one for not getting this.

Jeremy shook his head and wiped his hands off this. He was clearly not going to get this world anytime soon. He started walking infront of her. Luka quickly caught up.

They both quickly tapped on a door and explained " Finally!"

Finally they were at Detective Malone's door. But how would they ever get in.?Jeremy fidgeted with the key card even though he knew it probably wouldn't work.

He quickly looked at Luka questioningly " Can you Astromaterilize or whatever to the other side?"

Luka looked at him disdainfully " Ya"

She disappeared and quickly appeared with a click and a creak. The lock clicked  and the door creaked open.

Jeremy looked at her dumbly " If you can do all that stuff...why did we bother running up the stairs etc, etc?"

Luka ushered him in.

She said " Cause I can't astral project to places I don,t know. I have to know where I'm materializing too. Okay ,You check the computer and I'll check  out this filing cabinet"

Jeremy looked at her dumbly again.

Luka lost it " What?"

" The file's right on the desk" Jeremy said satisfied.

The End

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