You 're trembling

" Kiss me again" Leigh whispered almost on his lips.

Orson pulled away. Turned away and shook his head. He was hurt but did not dare show it. He was a monster and she was so fragile. It was natural for her to be afraid. Perhaps it was dueling with that part of her that as facsinated by him? He wondered which side would win. Would it be the side that always seemed to win?

" You're trembling" Orson said to the counter tops

Leigh ran over to him and gave him a quick punch in the shoulder.

" Look at me!" She said.

Orson ignored her. Leigh grunted and climbed on the counter top. She sat down on it. So know they where at the same height and eye to eye.

" What?" Orson said

" I want to know..." Leigh started off.

" What?" Orson said frustrated " What it's like to kiss a vampire? Maybe F*** one too ?!"

Leigh looked down at her swinging feet and mumbled " No. I just wanted to know what it was like to surrender..."

Orson crinkled up his face " To surrender to what?"

Leigh slide off the counter top and slowly looked at him shyly. She bit her lip thoughtfully.

Then she said " No talking. Enough talking. Just kiss me"

Orson disobeyed her and started to open his mouth but Leigh quickly moved in and kissed his teeth. But that was all.Orson hissed and put his hand up to his mouth. Leigh gave him an uncertain smile.

Orson grinned back " We've had a couple of awkard kisses. I think were going to have to keep practicing"

Leigh smiled but closed her lips tightly. Orson answered the call and slowly moved in. This time his lips lingered and hers danced with his. She opened her moth and slowly invited his tongue in...When it was all done. Orson looked uncertainly at her,

" Fireworks" Leigh muttered shyly

The End

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