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" Okay Rock, Paper, Sisscors. The winner leads the way" Luka bursted out.

Jeremy just looked at her and made no move. Luka's fist was out and eagerly moving side to side. She raised her eyebrows questioning and just a tad impatiently.

" Is there any point to this? Do I even have a chance at winning?" Jeremy asked.

" Probably not" Luka shrugged

Jeremy sighed " Okay we do it your way"

Luka didn't answer she was already running like a maniac. Jeremy quickly ran ahead of her and slide the key card through before she body checked a steel door. Jeremy followed after her and almost body checked her. She was stopped and staring at a tv aimed at a row of jail cells. It was a news show or a news channel.

A blond haired woman tried her best to look stoic and failed. She looked away and sniffed then looked back at the camera's. Then they stuffed more microphones in her face.

" It' true. Two days ago, my sister' body was stolen. Police involvement is not suspected, mischief not suspected... " She said.

" They are talking abot her..."

Luka nodded silently. Jeremy looked around the jail cells. The prisoners here seemed just as enraptured by the news story.

A scruffy looking man lying on a coat gave them his two cents " Terrible thing to happen to any family'

His cellmate a young man with a shaved head said " Yeah, I heard them say it was staged. The bodies I mean...he made them look nice and all pretty."

The scruffy man said " Some people just have no morals"

Luka shushed them as Luna started talking again " This crime is no longer seen as a murder sucide. But as a serial killing. This all I know, thank you"

The End

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