Jeremy slamed the car door and stomped all the way to the door of the police station. He insisted on leading the way. Luka just rolled her eyes. If he wanted to act like a two year old fine but they wouldn't let toddler in the morgue. When he got to the glass door and saw his reflection but not hers he turned around.

Luka was leaned against a lion statue. With her back to Jeremy she looked onto the parking lot and the police ghost cars. She lit a cigarette and took a deep drag of the poison. She exhaled and let it form a filmy halo around her head. Jeremy grunted and motioned for the door. Luka didn't look back.

She took another drag and exhaled. When she was done she climbed up the lion and hung her legs over one side. She smiled coyly at Jeremy. Jeremy was ready to push her off the stone lion.

" What do you think this is a playground?" Jeremy spat out.

" The world's my playground and people are my dolls or chess pieces whatever. But I really think your going about this the wrong way. You can't sneak in by going through the front door it just doesn't work. " Luka said

Luka leaned upside over the lion. Jeremy walked up closer and peered at her topsy-turvy figure. Her hair was completely off her face and streaming down giving the lion a mane of flames.

He asked acidly " Well, do you have a better idea?"  

Ofcourse she had a better idea. Luka got up and lept on to the roof. Jeremy watched uselessly as Luka tip toed out of sight. Moments a key card slide from the roof and at Jeremy's feet. Jeremy looked at the roof puzzled. Luka peered down.

" Well are you coming or not?"

" On the roof?'

" Yeah, on the roof" Luka sighed

Jeremy barrelled onto of the roof. Luka cringed but said nothing about his graceless entrance. She waited until he caught his footing.

She said " Okay see that police van down there..."

Jeremy nodded.

" Okay there's a corpse in their. I say we make it two...So you borrow one of those wheelie things. Wheel me in the back entrance and scan the magic card and volia your in!" Luka suggested.

" Why do you get to be the corpse?" Jeremy asked.

Luka sighed as she peered over the edge of the roof. The police had left the van open and unsupervised. Luka jumped over the edge and snuck into the van. Jeremy followed her. He gulped. The smell of death was everywhere. Jeremy clung to Luka. Luka didn't seem to notice or care. She looked around at the whole van. She almost knocked down Jeremy as she turned around.

" There's no wheelie thing'

" You mean a gurney ?"

" Yeah that thing. I thought they just carried these things around" Luka said anonyed.

" So what now?"

Luka squinted at the back door. Nothing was coming to her...Jeremy looked at her expectantly. Ofcourse she had set herself up again. Now she was his frickin eight ball that had all the answers.

Luka leaned down and whispered " Ok I say we take that key card and just keep running until we get to the morgue"

Jeremy shook his head and said " Nice plan. So instead of sneaking in, we are going to go barrelling in. Wow you really have all the answers"

" You really think you are hot s*** in a champagne glass don't ya?" Luka jeered

" I'm just that your idea has no merit" Jeremy shrugged



The End

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