A Trip to Dairy Queen

Jeremy had always assumed he would live his father's life. He would have went to a trades school and worked the trade until he couldn't work anymore and somewhere in between get married raise a family. In someways he embraced what he was. He was stronger and faster physically. But inside he was still the boy desparately trying to make up for his parents short comings.

Jeremy had never been so scared in his life and all he was doing was sitting in a parking lot, looking past the trees. Ofcourse past those trees was a red brick building that held the dead. Jeremy was reborn there...There was nothing more friightening than waking up naked on a table and you are not at a party. Jeremy didn't realize he was at the morgue at first...

His breath came back to him. Jeremy's eyes snapped open. He had a coughing fit that got the coroner's attention. All Jeremy could do was numbly look at the tray of instruments. Jeremy screamed, screeched and hollared as he thought of every horror movie he had ever saw. Especially hostel...for a moment he thought he was in hostel...But then the coroner started screaming too.

Jeremy jumped again a he saw a face squished up against the driver's side window. The face stepped away and Jeremy quickly recognized the features.Blazing red hair, emerald green eyes...

" Roll down your window!" Luka shouted

Jeremy complied. He quickly rolled down the window. Luka folded her arms and rested them on the window ledge. She balance her head on her arms and peaked in. In the cup holder held the damning evidence. He had ordered a sundae, so they wouldn't call the cops on him. Jeremy had been here for how long...two hours?

" Hey Loser, are you going to stay here all day or are you going in?"

Jeremy grunted indigantly " Ofcourse, I am but I am doing it on my own time not Orson's"

" Whatever. I don't really care. I was just ask-"

Jeremy interruopted " Let's go"

" Right now?" Luka asked.

Jeremy rolled his eyes " No, two weeks from now. Ofcourse now!"

Luka bit her tongue literally and moved away from the window. Luka had a real issue with cockiness. There was a fine line between being sassy and just plain being rude. He crossed the line over and over.

When she was calmer, Luka muttered " Whatever. Whatever you want"

The End

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