You know why Im here

The energy had changed on the way back home. Maybe it was because Orson wasn't held back by the same mortal restrictions. He didn't have to work in the morning. He had no schedule to keep he had nothing but time. But Leigh new he wasn't about to waste a second of it.

It was the part of him that scared her. It was the part of everyman that scared her. The predator. But even she couldn't go against nature. God damn it,  she wanted to be caught already. She was tired of the chase. Even if she was the one that started it all.

When she got home. She didn't invite him in. He just sort of followed and she didn't protest. Her hands were busy and her mind could fake it. She set up the lily pad in a glass bowl and tried fruitlessly  to center it. After awhile she gave up and set a couple of floating candles in it.

" Lovely'  She muttered

Orson didn't pay attention to the the submerged greenery. He didn't seem to notice her new centerpiece. He was watching her tap her fingernails accross the counter top. Leigh always had played the piano when she was stressed. It was harder now that she had no access to a piano. But even if she had access there was no guarendee that she could sit there and just play.

Orson's eyes worked their way up her long elegant arms, up her neck and the curcving lines of her face, and then right into her brown eyes.

Leigh forced herself to look in his eyes this time. They were only eyes after all. It wasn't as if he was standing nude in her kitchen. Although it wasn't like the invitation wasn't there. It was always there. But this time he didn't try to hide it. His steely gray blue eyes had an orange sheen to it tonight. Like they were physically on fire...he wanted her. She wanted...

Orson broke the silence " You know why I'm here"

" Mhmm..." Leigh muttered.

" You don't seem so opposed to me being here" Orson said

" Sounds about right..." Leigh responded

Orson  slowly walked towards her and lightly said " So I'm going to kiss you now"

Orson didn't try to cross the distance between there bodies. He simply leaned this upper body closer to heres and inched his head forward. Finally there lips made contact. He made his lips become soft as rose petals and simply caress the top of her trembling lips. Then he pulled away and saw her look at him puzzled. Her forehead crinkled up in concern.

She said " Why did you stop?"

Orson pointed at her fingers " Your trembling"

" No, I'm not" Leigh argued.

" I know it can be odd kissing someone, something with fangs, so you don't have to spare my feelings" Orson said

No that's wasn't it at all.

The End

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