The kitchen was empty. And Orson paniced. The only thing he could focus on was her abscence. Orson tore through the halls of her house. Slamed the bathroom door open but slowly crept in, like he expected her to be lying in that tepid water again. But she wasn't. He pushed open every door he could fine. Orson was ready to let out a battle cry when he heard tiny foot steps through an open window. Orson peaked out. Leigh had a padmina wrapped around her shoulders. She shivered silently in the early spring wind. She was on her front porch just lingering. Leigh looked out at the moon. Seemed to long for it.

Orson walked to the door and slowly opened it. Leigh slowly turned around and leaned against the porch. She gave him a weird sort of half smile. It was almost flirtatious...mostly coy.

Orson cleared his throat " I probably have a lot of explaining to do"

Leigh gave him that smile again and said " Walk with me. I always liked walks in the moonlight. Nights like this the moon convinces you that it is full. But it's not anymore..."

Orson watched as she continued looking up at the sky dreamily. Orson realized then she remembred the light world and it wasn't just a dream to her. There was a concious part of her that wanted to let go and swim away. But how far did she want to go?

All of a sudden they both turned towards the sound of heavy foot steps. It was just Luka. Luka lifted up her hand and Orson's car door unlocked itself. Luka got in and shouted from the inside of the car.

" Whatever. I can see your clearily too busy to deal with Jeremy. Your student. But Whatever" Luka said sarcastically

" I'll owe you one" Orson said amused

Luka grumbled " You'll owe me more than one"

Luka didn't wait for a response she closed the car door and drove off honking all the way. Orson and Leigh rolled their eyes and laughed at her antics.

" She's something isn't she" Leigh smiled.

" That's what I wanted to talk to you about..."

Leigh said " I don't care. I don't care that you dated once. It seems like that was and probably is in your case centuraries ago."

" It was" Orson mumbled

Leigh took off for accross the street and into the woods. Orson ran after her and nearly went barrelling into a tree. Leigh's foot steps were much slower, graceful. Orson watched as she side stepped the branches and glided through the tall grass. The grass grew sparcer and the ground grew wetter. They were walking past cat tails now. Leigh turned around just in time to see Orson wipe this booted heel accross the trunk of a tree.

She giggled " The ground is just going to get muddier from here. There's a lagoon up ahead. You can go back if you want. "

Orson shook his head.

Leigh turned and started walking backwards and talked to him. She said " That's why I picked this house. This street. There's water all around you like a moat."

Orson almost got lost in her eyes...This was the girl he always thought she was dreamy, soft romantic. But he didn't. Her eyes darted away too fast.

And too soon they were at the Lagoon. Leigh stopped at the very edge of the lagoon and looked down. She saw a lily pad and leaned down to pick it up. Orson fought the urge to drag her back on to dry, sandy land. He stuck his hands in his pockets so his hands wouldn't rebel. Leigh didn't seem to notice a thing. She sat down in a fairly dry spot and set the lily pad on her knee.

Orson asked her the next obvivous question " What are you planning on doing with the lily pad?"

Leigh shrugged " I don't know, probably just put it back. People will think I'm crazy if I have a bouquet of lily pads"

Orson said defiantly " Well, I think if you want a million lily pads, you should have a million lily pads"

Leigh shrugged "Yeah but where would I ever find a vase that big?"

The End

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