Party of three?

Luka picked up her boots and carried them back to the deck. She sat up on the steps put didn't put them back on. She sighed and looked up at the obedian ocean. Tonight it looked so black and thick as gasoline.

Orson slowly approuched and said " Look, I'm sorry..."

" Whatever" Luka interrupted

" No I mean it..."

" Yeah so do I, Whatever" Luka interrupted again.

" I just don't get why you intervined" Orson said

Luka looked up at him. Orson was sheepishly looking at the ground and biting at his lip, like there so much more he wanted to say. Luka was still angry at him and really wanted to give him the silent treatment but decied not to. She was a grown up after all.

" At first I wanted to know, who had replaced me. You were broadcasting it. LOUDLY. So don,t get mad at me. Then I realized i found a kindred spirit....So don't accuse me of hurting her. When I know her better than you ever will" Luka said.

" So you now how to woo her then? How do I make... ?"

Luka rolled her eyes. She zipped on her boots. Then quickly stood up and walked away. She shouted to no one in particularly or perhaps to god himself.

" What is it with you guys? The answer is right in front of you and you don,t even see it!" 

Orson looked at her dumbstruck " I don't understand what your saying'"

Luka whirled around and pointed at him " Your not really helping your cause"

" Dumb it down for me" Orson muttered

" I'm telling you to read between the lines" Luka said dryly.

Orson nodded his head. He could do that. He could follow the line of Leigh's hands as she talked. See if they were open or crossed...Read the thin lines framing her lips. He could do that. He fought demons...this should be a cake walk. Should be...

The End

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