The mermaid

" You. Me. On the porch" Orson said anonyed

Luka rolled her eyes and said " I see you still haven't gotten off your high horse"

" Is this what this is some power game to you?" Orson spat out.

" Yeah pretty much" Luka said

Leigh watched them arguing back and forth. She bit her lip nervously. Then pretended all of a sudden her ceiling got really interesting.

Orson noticed her reaction and started heading for the door. Luka grumbled something and followed him out. Outside Luka folded her arms over her chest and wiped her tears away and with it smearing her black eye make-up. Orson felt suddenly guilty. He usually did fly off the handle at anyone ,especially a woman. He started to apologize. But then Luka started talking or ranting...

" I had a crappy day and your not helping. Ofcourse you think you think you know everything, you are a guy. Did you ever think the clairvoyant might actually have a clue what she's talking about?"

" What are you trying to do to Leigh? You can't just set her off like that!"

Luka shook her head and walked slowly off the patio. She unzipped her combat boots and lifted up the hem of her long skirt and dipped her feet in the water.

She turned and motioned Orson to approach. Orson rolled his eyes but decied to play along. He walked closer and watched as Luka's feet got fully soaked and encrusted with sand.

" Remeber the mermaid. She only belongs in the ocean. Her choices are her own"  Luka muttered

" And what if she deciedes to go after the demon that killed her friend?"

" Then it's your choice whether or not your going to letter her swim or keep her in a bath tub. I'll warn a woman. We don't take well to being forced" Luka said bitterly

Orson shuttered slightly and shook his head vigarously " I would never do anything like that"

" That's what they all say. But I know we were all cave men once. You can't ignore genes" Luka said bitterly.

The End

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