Inivitable Night

The hours crept. Gray slowly turned to black. And the shadows were over taken by they darkness. Orson could go to her guiltlessly. Jeremy had fed and sulked his way to the coroner's office. Orson could tell this battle was far from over. Orson would have to fight with Jeremy to feed again and again. But he couldn't blame the kid. He was just seventeen. Even in Orson's day he looked forward to endless nights of drinking and wenching. When  you die...or think your dying. You move past the joys of youth and what are you left with?

" Are you listening to me? I said do you want to get out of here. I'm going stir crazy in here." Leigh said

Luka looked away from the kitchen window. She quickly pasted on a fake smile. Luka shrugged her shoulders and said " I'll go anywhere there's food"

Leigh laughed " You must have a hollow leg"

Luka looked out the window again. This time Orson's eyes met hers. He looked at her puzzled and then moved to the front door. Orson gave three solid knocks. Luka and Leigh both jumped.  Leigh laughed at her nervousness and rolled her eyes at her self. She shrugged it off and went to answer the door. Luka sat still on her stool. Waiting. Waiting...

Orson wanted to walk past Leigh and question Luka. Actually yell at her. But it was too odd...Leigh slowly leaned into him...Her hands were shaking. So she put them in her pockets.

She laughed " About time..."

Leigh moved out of the way and walked in the the kitchen with her hands still in her pockets. No aggression.  No Saddness...Leigh was actually happy...

" Did you switch meds or something?" Orson asked warily

Leigh took her hands out of her pants and slapped them to her sides exasperated " Why does everybody keep saying that? She said something like that too. Oh, how rude of me this is..."

" Luka. I know we've met" Orson said coldly.

" What?" Leigh said dumbstruck.

Luka shruged her shoulders and looked at the floor. Anywhere but at Leigh.

" I bet she didn't tell you we were together for five years. I bet there's a lot of things she hasn't told you" Orson said

" I have nothing to defend. I did what I thought was right. You want to do things your way fine....I'll confess every single thing I know. We will see how that goes. ..Leigh two days ago Mya's body was stolen. The CSI people found out the DNA under her nails didn't match the DNA of the dead male they found beside her. So he stole her body and he burnt it. I can still smell it... Oh and Orson you can tell Jeremy he can leave the Dairy Queen parking lot. He's  parked in the Dairy Queen looking at the coroner's office through the trees. You really picked the wrong person for that job..He can't do it..." Luka said cruelly.

Leigh's knees grew weak she almost stumbled standing still. Leigh gripped onto the island and put her whole weight into it. She cover her face in her hair and tried to cry privately.

Luka said cruelly " See your way worked so much better"

Orson glared at Luka but he wasn't going to fight with her now. He slowly approuched Leigh. He didn't touch her. He slowly leaned in and whispered " It' okay to cry"

Leigh looked up. Her eyes were rimmed in red but there were no tears in her eyes. She said lowly" I'm not sad. I'm pissed off"

Luka laughed. Leigh laughed with her. Suddenly they became more than friends. They were partners in crime.

" We need to get this jerk. He's done enough" Leigh said.

Luka gave Orson another cold yet oddly amused grin " Now look what you've started..."

The End

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