Waking up

Orson woke up. He looked around. He expected to wake up wet and covered in sand. But he was in is darkened bedroom at the manison. He could tell it way so still daylight because everything was gray not black. He could see slight shadows.

What happened last night? He hadn't drank that much. Although he didn't drink very much at all. Maybe his tolerance was lower now or something...

Wait. Wait...It was all coming back. He had walked through a door...into Leigh's house...in broad daylight. He was in the Lightworld. She had done it again! She brought him to the Lightworld again but why? When they were together Luka frequently brought him there. Sometimes for pleasure, mostly so Luka could organize her own thoughts. She had more control of the Lightworld. She could manipulate it at will. She couldn't do that with her own feelings or his.

Orson got up outraged. He turned off the tv and stormed out of the room. He walked down the hall and slamed opened her door. The door hit the wall hard and probably left a mark in the wall. Orson peered in from the hallway and then slowly walked in. It was too quiet... There was not taps running or tv going or some other appliance protesting. Luka wasn't here. Orson peered at her kitchen table there were black and white drawings covering the table. There was a drawing of a phone. A hand coming out of a phone reciever. A girl cowering by a phone as it just kept ringing. Actually all of them had phones. What really got his attention were the messy smuged words. Mya soul is gone and so is her body.

Orson ran out of the room. He slamed the door shut and ran to Jeremy's door and started banging it. Jeremy answered the door in a Hugh Hefner worthy house coat.

" If the world isn't ending I'm going back to bed" Jeremy muttered

Orson pushed Jeremy out of the way. Jeremy was too white. He still hadn't fed. Orson didn't have time to fight with him. Orson tore open Jeremy's mini fridge and floated a bag of blood on his bed.

" I don't need you weak. Drink. The moment the sun is down your going to see the coroner." Orson ordered.

Jeremy recoiled " Again?"

Orson looked at him dumbfoundedly.

" Another thing Steffan didn't tell you I guess...They found me at the coroner's. I apparently came back to life...Ha! Ha! It's kind of funny now..."

Orson looked at his seriously and said " When you get back we have a lot to talk about. And it's no good keeping it all inside"

The End

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