Girl talk

" My god, your up before 3pm. AND your dressed!" Luka remarked.

Leigh rolled her eyes and closed up her laptop. Her real life story needed to be written, And she suspected this chapter wouldn't end well. Luka needed to do some confessing.

Leigh stood up and walked up towards Luka. Luka looked at her oddly. They both liked there space and both knew the line. Leigh had crossed it. They seldom had talked eye to eye like this. Usually one in one corner and one in the other. Both in different worlds, mind spaces. Even know.

" What do you want me to know?" Luka asked warily.

" I think it's time you knew or realized what you are doing. I don't know how you are doing it or what you are. But I know why. Luka you need to stop living through me" Leigh said softly.

Luka walked past Leigh in a haze. She sighed and sank into the chair by the computer desk. For awhile they were silent. Leigh just watched it all sink in.

After awhile Luka cleared her voice and laughed shakily " I suppose it makes sense. I know everything about everyone. But myself. It only makes sense that I was shorthanded somewhere."

Leigh pulled up a chair beside her and gently touched her palm and then moved away.

" I know your not my imaginary friend. I know you put the suggestion in my head. Im not mad at you. More like relieved I'm not as crazy a I thought. " Leigh laughed shakily as well

Luka responded " I thought I wanted what was best for you and Orson..."

Leigh said " I know. But you need to stop. I have to...I have to do a bunch of things I'm afraid to do and I need to do them by myself"

Luka nodded and sighed " And to think I thought I had it all figured out"

The End

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