There was only so much a person could take...Leigh quickly saved her story and closed her lap top down without saving it. She walked into her sunroom. If only this was their only barrier...To many people complained about their partners schedules, biorythems. It would be a blessing to only have that to worry about. Leigh looked at the clock. It was only noon. Should she risk looking desparate? Even though she was. So desparate for a sounding board...and more.

Leigh liked that he was persistant. Maybe it was just human nature. Men like to chase and women liked to be chased. She didn't like to be chased but she liked it...with him. And worset of all it was all sexual, physical. It was those eyes. Faceted like diamonds. Icey blue diamonds. If there was such thing...Maybe blue like the inside of a razor clam's shell. Eyes were the sexiest most revealing part of a person. His were too open, honest. He was one of those people who never lied or sinned. Someone who felt guilty for even thinking sinful thoughts.

Leigh apruptly decied to put her money where her mouth was. Leigh slipped on a pair of flip flops and started running along the beach. She was a romance novelist god damn it. She wrote about embracing love. Being fearless in love. Sloppy in love. Leigh had never once done any of those things. It was past time she did.

Leigh thought about what her professor had said " A true writer lives two lives. One as a witness, One as participant". Leigh agreed with him then but agreed with him more now. But wondered why he hadn't warned them it was too easy to get lost in the life as a watcher. Watching the sidelines grow until all your life was,was sidelines. Leigh wondered if she had finally stepped out of the sidelines? What more would it take because all she had was herself. She knew herself. Leigh could only push herself so far...

Leigh stopped when she saw Orson's house. She looked at all the big windows and the open rooms and knew he wasn't there. How could she forget the modern house. In her minds eye the house was smaller, the windows smallers and as she ran closer she could hear his heart beating louder and louder. Until it was all she could hear. He would lean down and close to her face. The perfect distance for kissing...He would look at her and say " Hmmm...Our heart beats sound the same note". Maybe he would put his hand or his ear to her heart. Or better yet maybe she would put her ear to his chest and just linger there.

Leigh wished she could have left him a note. But she had no pen or paper. Leigh laughed, a writer without a pen or paper such an odd sight. So she took some of the graying drift wood and made an arrow pointing towards the direction of her house. Later she would come by and see if it was still there and leave a real note. She hoped it would still be there. Like it might be a sign...A sign that they were meant to be. Either way it would be worth it.

The End

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