So what next?

So here she was, sitting but her mind would not stay still or silent. Leigh tapped her fingers on her computer desk. She did all she could to waste time. But had enjoyed it so much it wasn't a waste...but now the truth was going to come out on paper. Actually in the computer screen. The urge to confess what just to great it could not be fought...

Leigh forced her hands flat. Everybody commented on how small her hands were. Times like these it seemed like an insult. Small things were never considered strong. Strength was something she lacked and something she longed for more than beauty or youth.

Was this strength or dirrehea on a page? Then Leigh decied she didn't care. They talked about her freely. It was about time she did the same...This time though she would not recant it. They could be the ones to grin and bare it. Rage spilled out of her in tears. Hot acidic tears. Leigh didn't push them away. It was about time she felt this. This meant she hadn't given in.

Leigh's hands attacked the keyboard and words quickly spilled accross the page. Leigh stopped and read them and then said them out loud.

She said " Why do I need forgiveness? I was the one wronged. But I don't want anything from any of them..."

Leigh could play god know. She could choose how it all played out. Leigh put her female lead next to a window. It was raining outside...she was by the window but not seeing the rain. Only looking past it. She was listening to the rain. And he. The vampire...He was inches away. His hand reaching out but not touching her.

He said " When life hands you lemons..."

Leigh laughed. It was too true. All those old sayings. When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Use your pain constructively. She had let everything weigh her down so much.

But it was far from over...both stories were far from over. Leigh wondered what Orson would think of her if he knew she was damaged goods. On her paper, he took it well. Embraced as a part of his lover. In real life...In real life people tried to accept the ugliness but never quite could.

The End

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