The start of....something

When the magic dissapated all they were left with was...reality. Reality could be cold. But right now it wasn't. Leigh was least for a moment.

The early morning sun shone right into her eyes. Leigh squinted at it, through it. She saw a lot of blue. That shimmery icey blue. Leigh got up and stretched. It was early. Well early for her. It was around Nine thirty. And life seemed good. Pleasant.

Leigh got up and went to her bedroom window. The glass seemed to trap her and keep her from the waves. So Leigh inched up the window. Inch by inch it opened up and the smell of salt water filled the room.

So that was why she moved to the beach. How easy it was to forget that there was a world outside your window. Heaven was out here and she was trapped in the hell of her head. Still was...but maybe less. Maybe.

Leigh climbed out of her window and on to the deck. Thank the lord for ranch style houses. Leigh thought as she peered at the sand. It was only inches from her feet. So she rolled up her pj bottoms and slowly lowered her foot down.

MMm...warm, soft. It was still early in the season but that never kept anybody in. Maybe just her...Leigh had never swam in the water before. Worest of all she loved to swim.

Leigh walked to the darker wetter sand and let small streams of water tickle her toes. She bent down and looked at the polished rocks. Ocean stones always came in such pretty colors. Leigh picked up an orange one and examined it. Flawless.

Leigh took a bunch and threw them into her cardigan's wide pockets. Later she would wash them up and set them in a jar by the fire place. But for the moment Leigh was content to just wonder the beach.

The End

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